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Welcome to EnviroLift's Homepage!

We specialize in concrete lifts, void fills, soil stabilization and leak seals utilizing polyurethane foam as the lifting agent. Curious about how we could help you- give us a call today!

EnviroLift's Mobility

We are completely self contained and do not require services from your premises. Generally speaking, even if you are not home we are still able to complete a job unless it is indoors or access needs to be given to our technicians.!

EnviroLift's Processes

Two part polyurethane is injected underneath the concrete through ½" drilled holes. The poly foam then expands and lifts the concrete. Polyurethane solutions are ecofriendly, cost effective and cause minimal disturbance. Let us be your concrete cosmetic surgeons!

On A Side Note

If you're aware that your concrete needs to be lifted in spring, don't hesitate to call for an estimate now to avoid wait times when the weather warms up; as we are still able to estimate in the winter. Don't wait to fix it- it's not going to get any better!

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Everyone Could Use A Little Lift

  • There's still time left to get your concrete lifted this year before freeze up!
  • We are able to do indoor concrete lifting and leak sealing throughout the winter!
  • Call today for your FREE estimate- (780) 418-1361
  • Interested in what we can do for you? Call today to find out! (780) 418-1361
  • All prices on estimates given prior to freeze up, that are confirmed go aheads, will have prices held until spring 2015!

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What is EnviroLift Systems

EnviroLift Systems Ltd. was established in 2012; it is an Alberta based company that provides western Canada with concrete lifting and leveling, leak sealing, void filling and soil stabilization services, utilizing polyurethane foam as the lifting agent. The polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete, the expansion processes of the foam creates the force that lifts the concrete. The foam cures to a stable non toxic water resistant medium. Precise control of the lift can be easily achieved. We are now excited to offer Ground Penetrating Radar services as well to assist in concrete inspection, structure inspection, condition assessment, measuring concrete slab thickness and locating voids.

These processes have applications in commercial, residential, industrial and municipal markets as well as in the oil and gas industry. For more information, please visit the "Solutions For" tab on our website, which will more specifically outline the work we do in each sector. We continually embrace new technologies and innovation to expand and improve our products and services. At our company we strive to support our employees through encouraging innovative ideas or solutions, taking pride in our work and celebrating our collective accomplishments. At EnviroLift we believe heavily in our safety program; we are committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, contactors and visitors. Management and employees equally agree that safety is a shared responsibility and is the basis of our corporate culture. Our team of competent and well-trained employees supports our success at EnviroLift. Curious about what we can do for you today? – Give us a call!

For more information, check out our brochure!


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