About Us

Residential Homes

Envirolift Systems is an Alberta based company established in 2012.

We specialize in providing an array of concrete restoration services to both the commercial and residential markets throughout Western Canada. Our knowledge and experience in foam applications has resulted in our ability to provide cost effective alternative solutions for complex concrete and soil related issues.

We continually embrace new technology and innovation to expand and improve our products and services enabling Envirolift Systems to be a leader in polyurethane foam applications.

In addition to lifting, stabilizing and void filling services we provide protective coatings and membranes, exterior foundation insulation.

We're excited to offer our expanded GPR and IR scanning services through EnviroScan Services.

Technology and Innovation - Revealing what you can't see

At Envirolift, we provide industry-leading service to our clients. This means our team is constantly researching and testing the latest remediation and restoration technology.

To ensure the best outcome for each and every project we undertake, Envirolift Systems takes a science-based approach to solving problems.

What does this mean?

  • The product we use is specially formulated and can be adjusted to support any project. Wether we are void-filling, insulating a foundation or sealing a broken pipe, we can modify certain characteristics of the polyurethane foam to adjust its strength, weight and other qualities.
  • For projects that require us to "see" underneath hard surfaces, we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Scanners. This technology allows us to asses the quality of a substrate under a hard surface and determine if there is a much larger problem we need to address. It also shows the location of any radiant heating tubes, so our work will not cause any damage to your existing heat systems.