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Commercial / Industrial

Condo boards, property managers, landlords, condo owners, home builders/developers/etc:

EnviroLift also has many applications to match the needs of the commercial and industrial markets. Whether it be property managers looking to correct safety and operational hazards such as sidewalk trip hazards, cracked uneven warehouse floors, sunken community hall floors, settled interior floors or leaking parkades. Sidewalks being repaired can be walked on during application, interior floors in buildings can stay in use while being fixed and even driveways/parking lots can be driven on immediately after application.

At EnviroLift we offer (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar services. GPR scan is a comprehensive inspection and analysis of the concrete, to help us indentify what is beneath the concrete, how large the voids are, rebar locations etc. For more information, please look under the "Services – Ground Penetrating Radar" tab.

We also perform Infrared Thermography Scans and GasfindIR scans which is capable of locating natural gas leaks visually plus numerous other Hydrocarbon gases.