Exterior Foam Insulation

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Exterior Foam Insulation Picture
Exterior Foam Insulation Picture

An application of high density hydrophobic, spray-polyurethane foam has both economic and structural long term benefits.

A polyurethane spray foam application provides a high performance foundation envelope systems resulting in higher thermal resistance (R value), and a vapor barrier to assist in the elimination of Radon gas. By virtue of the application technique the foam covers the foundation in a continuous fashion fully bonding to the concrete forming a protective waterproof layer.

  • An All-in-One system that provides a water barrier, air barrier, vapor barrier, and thermal insulation in one application
  • Can be applied to almost any surface
  • Is a durable, proven, high efficiency insulation system
  • Dramatically improves building efficiency and lowers utility bills
  • Seals out dust and pollen
  • Offers a healthier, cleaner environment in your home
  • Increases the structural strength of a wall
  • Is unaffected by environmental factors like air temperature and wind that reduce the R-Value of conventional fiberglass or cellulose insulation