Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Homes

    What is poly jacking?

    Jacking (raising, lifting, and leveling) is the process used to raise settled concrete. Two part polyurethane is injected underneath the concrete through 5/8" holes drilled into the concrete. The expanding poly lifts the concrete. Unlike mud jacking; the poly jacking method uses fewer and smaller holes.

    What can be lifted?

    Unless the slab is badly cracked and broken into small pieces; any sunken concrete can be lifted. An assessment would be done prior to the lift.

    What is void filling?

    Void filling uses the same process as lifting concrete except you don't lift the slab. Void filling helps prevent settling and breaking of the slab.

    Can I lift exposed aggregate slabs?

    Yes, the small 5/8" hole allows a small rock to be placed in the drilled hole to make it less visible. Other than your coating, you might not even know the lift was done.

    How do I get an estimate?

    Free estimates-- by filling in our "Request A Quote" form or by calling our office at (780) 418-1361.

    Do I need to be home?

    No, unless the work to be done is in your back yard, inside, or the area is locked / our technicians need access.

    Is there a warranty?

    Yes, there is a two year workmanship warranty. If the lifted concrete settles more than ¼" within two years of performing the work, give us a call and we will come back and rework the settled slabs using the holes previously drilled.

    What are the terms of payment?

    Payment is expected at the time of job completion. We accept Visa, Master Card, Interac, cash and cheques..

    How do I accept and schedule a proposal?

    After you have reviewed your estimate and decide you want the work done please call our office at (780) 418-1361 or email us at and we will schedule your job.

    How do I schedule my work?

    Once we receive your acceptance via email or phone call, we will contact you to schedule your work and let you know of the date.

    Do I need to be present when the job is being done?

    Generally speaking, you don't, so long as the work being done is outside. However, if work is being done on an interior location like a garage floor, or, in a locked yard, then an adult over the age of eighteen is required to be present. PLEASE NOTE - We are completely self contained and do not require services from your premises.

    When and how long does the polyjacking take?

    Most residential work can be completed in a few hours.

    How about the holes?

    The holes that are drilled are approximately ½" in diameter (about the size of a marble). For exposed aggregate a small rock/stone can be placed on top of the plug.

    Will I notice the holes?

    The drill holes will be noticeable because we are putting new concrete grout on aged concrete. With time, the holes will begin to blend with the existing concrete.

    What type of material is used?

    Two part polyurethane is injected underneath the concrete. The mixing of the poly occurs in the injection gun at the injection port. No mess to clean up.

    Can I do my asphalt/blacktop driveway?

    No. Asphalt is a product that will crack and crumble if we try to raise it. It is just too weak and pliable to lift.

    What will happen to the existing cracks in my slab(s)?

    Unfortunately, the cracks will still exist. Some joints will need to be saw cut and sealed. EnviroLift will patch , caulk or seal concrete cracks, holes, and saw cuts within the work area.

    How long will the area that was raised be out of service?

    Most areas can be used right after we finish even driveways and garage

    Your office is located in St. Albert, do you do work outside of that area?

    Yes. We have done work throughout Western Canada.