Infrared Scanning

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Infrared Scanning Picture
Infrared Scanning Picture

In Floor Leak Detection of Radiant Floor Heating Systems and Steam Heating Systems:

Hot water pipes used in subsurface heating systems such as radiant floor systems or steam conduits contained within a concrete slab can cause major property damage and energy loss when leaks occur. Because these pipes are not readily visible on the floor's surface it often necessitates a costly and destructive effort to dig up the slab in order to find the source of the leak. Failure to find the leak quickly can result in continued boiler fill warnings, damage to the wooden structure, undermining of the concrete slab floor along with mold and moisture problems.

Our certified IR Technicians can perform Thermographic scans of building envelopes, roof and in-floors heating systems. These scans are performed to show insulation quality, air/water intrusion and location of HVAC piping in walls and floors.

In addition to IR Thermography our technician can perform Infrared, GasfindIR scans to find natural gas leaks along with other Hydrocarbon gases.

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