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Home Owners

EnviroLift Systems has many applications and services for the residential industry. Whether it be slipping or tripping hazards on uneven sidewalks, driveways or patios or just the aesthetics of sunken interior floors or steps; EnviroLift has a solution for that. Though our busy season is in the spring and summer for outdoor work, we are still able to work indoors on leak seals, indoor void fills, and interior floor lifts throughout the winter.

There are many benefits for homeowners when using EnviroLift Systems services:

We can lift, level, void fill, soil stabilize, leak seal and repair foundations.

At EnviroLift we offer (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar services. GPR scan is a comprehensive inspection and analysis of the concrete, to help us indentify what is beneath the concrete, how large the voids are, rebar locations etc. For more information, please look under the "Services – Ground Penetrating Radar" tab.

We also perform Infrared Thermography Scans and GasfindIR scans which is capable of locating natural gas leaks visually plus numerous other Hydrocarbon gases.