Soil Stablization

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Soil Stabilization Picture
Soil Stabilization Picture

Stabilizing the supporting soils before lifting saves a lot of time, money and grief. When the supporting soils are weak the polyurethane does not have a solid base in order to stop its expansion and direct the expansion forces upward to initiate lift. Soil stabilization is a process where one or multi-part polyurethane is injected deep into the soil, and as it cures it solidifies, encapsulating the soil where it has penetrated. These columns are then used as the solid base for the polyurethane to do the heavy lifts.

Deep Injection Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization will improve and stabilize the ground bearing capacity under a slab, foundation or roadway. The method uses single or two part component polyurethane which is injected deep into the substrate. The characteristics of the surrounding ground are modified with the hardening or gelling of the polyurethane resulting in an increase in soil strength, cohesion of granular soils and a decrease in the permeability of the soil.


This method is useful to stabilize the soils under roads, around manholes, basins and bridge aprons and is recommended before lifting.